Door options

Options that will enhance your steel security door

Our security door options are available to ensure your chosen door fits your exact requirements. Every home is unique and with careful planning at the early stages, this can easily be attained.

Insect screen options

  • Standard mesh
    Offers good value. Supplied with door.
  • Heavy duty fly screens
    A heavy duty aluminium insectwire offering uninterupted vision. Ideal for heavy traffic areas used by children and pets.
  • Limit vision
    This strong aluminium insect mesh affords privacy, by restricting visibility into the interior of your home, without interupting airflow. Available in matching or contrasting colours, this mesh is also suitable for heavy traffic areas used by children and pets.

Door closer

  • A pneumatic door closer can be fitted to your door if required.

Double doors

  • All patterns can be converted to double door applications.
  • The price includes the supply of all additional locks and hardware to secure the doors.

Lock guard

  • A clear perspex guard can be fitted behind the outer handle to limit hand access through the grille.

Pet entrances

  • All patterns can be modified to include a pet entrance to allow your pet to come and go as they please.
  • A variety of sizes is available.

Brass chrome or Heritage-style handles

  • The appearance of your door can be enhanced by the addition of a set of brass or chrome handles.
  • The handles are alloy plated.

Key alike

  • All multiple door orders can be supplied with matching keys.

Bug strip

  • A bug seal can be added to the bottom of the door to complete the job.