Steel mesh security doors

Security for people who don’t like to look at their garden or the view through designer grilles.

Do these situations sound familar?

  • I would install a security/safety door if I did not have to look through bars or grilles.
  • The aluminium diamond grilles look so ugly.
  • If I install a security door in front of my timber door, it will spoil the look of my door.
  • I really don’t want a heavy security door, just a door that offers me safety with a view and fresh air.

Door styles

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If the centre pillar designs do not meet your requirements, please refer to our custom patterns and Heritage collection for more ideas.

Door specifications

  • Frame 50mm x 20mm tubular steel
  • Stainless steel woven mesh security insect wire
  • All steel components are zinc plated
  • Baked powder-coated finish
  • Measured, custom-made and fitted
  • You select your “special” centre pillar design