Bardoor Steel Security

Installing steel and wrought iron heritage security doors since 1992

Heritage Security Doors

Our Heritage Collection security doors are made of steel and to the exact specification of century-old wooden doors.

  • The spindles are steel-turned to ensure that the safety screen door looks and feels like the old timber original.
  • As is the case with all our doors, the Heritiage Collection is made to mirror-image your wooden or glass door so it compliments your home.
  • A variety of fly-wire screens are available depending on the degree of security required. If stainless steel woven mesh is selected you will have a maintenance-free wire that will offer you safety and be ideal for heavy traffic areas used by children and pets.

Door Styles

Canterbury 01
Canterbury 02
Canterbury 03
Canterbury 04
Canterbury 05
Canterbury 06

Security Door Display

Visit the Home Ideas Centre Adelaide to see the Bardoor security doors display.

Address: 113 Anzac Highway (corner South Road), Adelaide, SA.

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Design and Manufacturing Changes

Design and manufacturing specifications of our doors may change without notice, as we continuously upgrade and source new materials.

At the time of quoting any changes will be discussed with you.