Bardoor Steel Security

Installing steel and wrought iron heritage security doors since 1992

Steel Mesh Security Doors

Security for people who don’t like to look at their garden or the view through designer grilles.

Do these situations sound familar?

  • I would install a security/safety door if I did not have to look through bars or grilles.
  • The aluminium diamond grilles look so ugly.
  • If I install a security door in front of my timber door, it will spoil the look of my door.
  • I really don’t want a heavy security door, just a door that offers me safety with a view and fresh air.

Door Styles

We do not have any pre-made designs; we specialise in mirror-image and custom-made steel door styles and grilles to suit and compliment your home.

Series #1 steel mesh door
Series #2 steel mesh door
Series #3 steel mesh door
Series #4 steel mesh door
Series #5 steel mesh door

If the centre pillar designs do not meet your requirements, please refer to our custom patterns and Heritage collection for more ideas.

Door Specifications

  • Frame 50mm x 20mm tubular steel
  • Stainless steel woven mesh security insect wire
  • All steel components are zinc plated
  • Baked powder-coated finish
  • Measured, custom-made and fitted
  • You select your “special” centre pillar design

Security Door Display

Visit the Home Ideas Centre Adelaide to see the Bardoor security doors display.

Address: 113 Anzac Highway (corner South Road), Adelaide, SA.

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Design and Manufacturing Changes

Design and manufacturing specifications of our doors may change without notice, as we continuously upgrade and source new materials.

At the time of quoting any changes will be discussed with you.